Abstract and Art

Abstract, macro, close-up and artistic photography

A Wonderful World

Landscapes, Sunsets, Seascapes and Nature Scenes

4 photos

Autumn Elegance

A select group of Autumn images to give you that cozy, pumpkin spiced coffee, changing of the seasons feeling.

0 photos

Bits of Life

Images of the World We Live In

17 photos

Crystal Ball Photography

Experimental, artistic photography with crystal balls.

0 photos

Floral Fixation

Celebrating the beauty of flowers, trees, and growing things in California and beyond

27 photos

It's a Small World

Macro and Close-up Florals

21 photos

Life With Lensbaby

Opening a whole new world of photography with the incredible Lensbaby Equiptment

28 photos

The Art-ificial Series

A conceptual series of images featuring "Artie". The world is a magical place.

24 photos