Central Coast of California Wedding, Engagement and Artistic Portrait Photography

Life With Lensbaby

Opening a whole new world of photography with the incredible Lensbaby Equiptment

Graffiti Tankers.jpg - Graffiti Tankers Desaturated.jpg - Graffiti on oil tankers and infinity train tracksGraffiti Tankers 2.jpg - Colorful urban artwork on oil tankers on train tracksVintage Purse_.jpg - Sunset Canoe.jpg - Pismo Pier LB.jpg - SLO Town USA.jpg - Pismo Beach LB.jpg - Vintage Purse BW.jpg - Foster.jpg - Creampuff.jpg - Morro Rock Kayak Trail.jpg - S Curve.jpg - Lost.jpg - On the Tracks.jpg - Masks We Wear.jpg - Black Berry on Fork.jpg - Girl's Best Friend.jpg - Frozen with Spoon.jpg - 921.jpg - Into the Woods.jpg - Country Days.jpg - Blue Car LB.jpg - Colorful Kayaks.jpg - Candid Mike On Tree.jpg - Back Bay Morro Rock Kayaks.jpg - Between the Tracks.jpg - Blue Eyes.jpg -