Central Coast of California Wedding and Engagement Photographer

The Art-ificial Series

A conceptual series of images featuring "Artie". The world is a magical place.
Artificial Invitation.jpg - Artificial Push.jpg - Artificial Zen.jpg - Artificial Trapped.jpg - Artificial Romance.jpg - Artie contemplates the gift of loveArtificial Flavors.jpg - Artie contemplates the world of artificial flavorsArtificial Ascension.jpg - Artie contemplates climbing the ladder of successArtificial Scholar.jpg - Artie contemplates the a world within booksArtificial in Wonderland.jpg - Artie contemplates a life in wonderland where flowers speakArtificial Oenophile.jpg - Artie contemplates a good glass of wineArtificial Intoxication.jpg - Artie contemplates the after effects of a martiniFlower Man.jpg - Flower Man BW.jpg - Artificial Second Self.jpg - Artificial On Top of the World.jpg - Flower Man BW2.jpg - Art-ificial Rebirth.jpg - Artificial Nightmares.jpg - Artificial Illumination.jpg - Wooden Man Puddle.jpg - Artificial Edibles.jpg - Art-ificial Wonderland.jpg - Artificial Dreams.jpg - Artificial Afloat.jpg -