Central Coast of California Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Floral Fixation

Celebrating the beauty of flowers, trees, and growing things in California and beyond
Bright Flower in the Woods.jpg - Bright yellow flower in the woods on California's Central CoastReady to Bloom.jpg - Flower ready to bloom on California's Central CoastFrosty Morning Fragments.jpg - Oak leaves in winter on California's Central CoastYellow in the Middle.jpg - A violet flower blooming in winter on California's Central CoastBurton Fence Purple Bathed 2 10252015.jpg - Wooden fence on California's Central Coast with a Tim Burton feel.Burton Fence Purple Bathed 10252015.jpg - Wooden fence on California's Central Coast with a Tim Burton feel.Maybe Maple 092615.jpg - Maple leaf with fall colors during the changing of the seasons on California's Central Coast.Butterfly Dawn.jpg - Monarch butterfly landing on bright flowers on California's Central Coast near Pismo Beach.Violet Velvet Breath 10252015.jpg - Abstract and velvety version of beautiful flowers on California's Central Coast near Arroyo Grande.Leaves in the Sun 10272015.jpg - Sunlight falling on leaves that are changing colors during the transition from Summer to Fall on California's Central CoastBy Any Other Name 10272015.jpg - Beautiful rose in monotone color on Central Coast of CaliforniaGreen Fern 10252015.jpg - Red Blossoms Bokeh 10252015.jpg - Painted Oak Leaf 092615.jpg - Red Blossoms Bokeh 3 10252015.jpg - Curled Leaves.jpg - Pollination 10252015.jpg - Pink Blossoms 10252015.jpg - Purple Velvet Daisies.jpg - Pink Blossoms 2 10252015.jpg - Pretty pink blossoms in the early morning light on the Central Coast of California.Red Blossoms Bokeh 2 10252015.jpg - Winter is on the way, Christmas is around the corner.Curled Leaves 2 10252015.jpg - Fall Berries.jpg - Celebrate Autumn color with spice colored berriesFind Joy in the Journey.jpg - Find Joy in the Journey with inspirational pumpkin artFall Flower Puff 092715.jpg - Warm Fall Flowers at the Pumpkin PatchPainted Berries.jpg - Seasons change with red and green berriesLovely Limes 092615.jpg - Last of the limes in California in October