Self Portrait

Welcome to my world!  I am a Wedding, Engagement and Creative Portraiture Photographer who has called the Central Coast of California my home for over 15 years.  In that time, I have pursued my passion of photography with laser focus on technique, art and creativity, and I am fortunate enough that my efforts have paid off and I can call my "passion" my "profession"!  Photography is my art...instead of picking up a paintbrush or molding clay, I grab my camera. I have been told I have a keen eye when it comes to creating unique, unusual and memorable images.  I seek to capture moments that perhaps may get overlooked or simply forgotten as a day passes. I want my photographs to evoke an emotion; if they do, I have done my job.  I am someone who is willing to get creative when it comes to location, posing, themed shoots, wardrobe, and general "feel" - if you can dream it up, I will do my best to capture it.  Whether it is laying on the grass to get the perfect angle on your Wedding Ceremony, or utilizing the natural landscape to create props and ambiance for that perfect shot, you can feel confident that I will do what it takes to provide you with photographs you will treasure for a lifetime.

I am also a fine art photographer who loves to explore the world and capture the beauty that is all around us.  I see the world in angles and ambiance; I feel the significance of the weather and the light.  My work is unique, and it encompasses all of the emotion that I can possibly muster as I compose and snap a shot...but that's only the beginning, because as I process an image at home, I am able to bring out the little details that would otherwise be lost.  Whether you like abstract modern art or simply beautiful and sweeping landscapes, there is a good chance that you'll find something in my gallery that speaks to you; something that will look fantastic in your home or office.  


I shoot with a Nikon equipment, and can provide extremely high quality images that can be reproduced in large sizes and on various mediums without sacrificing quality.  I also use the lastest editing software to ensure that my final images are both artistically edited and still true to what the eye can see.