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The Beachfront Boudoir Mission

Isn't it time that you loved yourself and loved your body?  Isn't it time that you looked into the mirror with complete confidence and loved the beautiful woman looking back at you?  Isn't it time that you silenced that voice in your head that says you "should be this" or "shouldn't be that"?  Isn't it time that you gave yourself the gift of doing something special and unique that's "just for you"?  


I know that I am successful in my mission every time that I help a client who is lacking confidence, tired and burnt out from the day to day grind and filled with negative internal thoughts, walk out of the studio beaming with confidence and ready to take on the world with an newfound boldness that not only impacts them, but also the world and people around them


The mission of Beachfront Boudoir is to help busy everyday ladies, just like you, take a break from their everyday hustle to reconnect with themselves and better believe in thier beauty and ferocity.  I work with women of all ages, body types and life circumstances to break down the stereotypes, quiet the negative internal dialouges, and instill the belief that as women, we are all beautiful right now and we are all worth it!


Become a #BeachfrontBabe and See Yourself in a New Light


The GORGEOUS Ladies who I work with aren't "models"...they are regular women, mothers, wives, friends, sisters, just like you, who have decided that it's time to celebrate exactly who they are and what they are without excuses or regrets.  Each and every one of my clients has a story, and each one walks into the studio with certain doubts, fears, nerves and insecurities, but each one also walks out of the studio feeling renewed, refreshed and absolutely AMAZING in their own skin.  Providing my clients with amazing photographs that will document just how incredible that they are right here and now - photographs that they can look back on for a lifetime - is an experience that can be absolutely life changing.  

Every woman should have a book of photographs like this of herself to look at every day to remind herself that she's a beautiful warrior who did something amazing and will continue to do amazing things. - "Miss S" - 38 years old - San Luis Obispo



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I wanted to do this for myself and I'm so glad that I did.  My husband's reaction was just an added bonus.  I'm so much more confident now. "Miss A" - 42 - Paso Robles 



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I have never loved a photograph of myself or felt comfortable with my body until today.  Sarah is amazing and this is absolutely something every woman NEEDS to do. - "Miss K" - 28 - Arroyo Grande, CA


Life is too short to live with regrets...



Are You Ready?


I've been through a lot in my life and I've never felt 100% comfortable in my own skin.  I've felt 'pretty' and I've been told I'm 'pretty', but I never believed it until today.  Seeing myself with amazing hair and makeup and being posed perfectly, told how amazing I looked the entire time Sarah was photographing me gave me so much confidence.  I'm a new woman! - "Miss B" - 35 - San Luis Obispo

This is the time you've been waiting for...  

Booking a Luxury Boudoir Session at Beachfront Boudoir Photography is easy.  From the time you book your session to the time you get your amazing final images, I'm here for you - whether it's for questions on wardrobe, nervousness, confidence, whatever is on your mind!  When you come into the studio you are the VIP for the day, starting with getting your very own FREE GIFT "Luxury Boudoir Robe", looking through your wardrobe, moving to professional hair and makeup right in the studio by the best hair and makeup artists in the area, on to an incredible photo session that will leave you feeling confident and gorgeous, and finally to your image reveal that happens RIGHT AFTER your session!  That's don't have to wait weeks to see your amazing photographs, you get to see them and choose the ones you LOVE on the same day!  That's how CONFIDENT I am that you will LOVE your images! 

Let me show you why this is something you NEED to do...join the movement and go from "Vanishing Violet", "Nervous Nancy", "Wallflower Wanda" to "Confident Cassandra", "Bold Brenda" or "Sensational Sandra"!  Boudoir photography is an art form that captures the essence of YOU and shows you in your most beautiful and joyous light, and Beachfront Boudoir is the Premiere Luxury Boudoir Experience in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County area!  Give yourself this gift and you won't regret it.  

Are You Ready...?


Who are these AMAZING LADIES???  No, they aren't models, they are everyday women JUST LIKE YOU!

My Boudoir Studio is a safe space to feel free and open to let your INNER GODDESS shine without judgement.  So make that decision, join the movement, become the FIERCE and BRAVE woman I know that you are!


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