Vegas Boudoir Getaway

Sometimes an adventure is exactly what you need...

How many of you are looking forward to doing something amazing this year, having an adventure, feeling more sexy, beautiful, confident and empowered?  How does a Getaway AND an incredible Boudoir Session rolled into one sound to you?  Well, I have just the thing...and it's happening August 16th, 17th and 18th in Las Vegas!

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  • San Luis Obispo County Luxury Beachfront Boudoir 06
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  • San Luis Obispo County Luxury Beachfront Boudoir 13
  • San Luis Obispo County Luxury Beachfront Boudoir 16

So, what's this all about???  Well, by popular demand, I've decided to take Beachfront Boudoir to "Sin City"!  That's right, Ladies, this will be the first annual "Beachfront Boudoir VIP Getaway" and I'm SO excited to share it with you.  Keep reading for ALL the incredible details, and make sure to secure your spot and mark your calendars ASAP, as spaces will be very limited!


What Do You Recieve For The "VIP Vegas Getaway"???

  • An amazing Luxury Boudoir Session in a Top Notch Las Vegas Suite

  • Professional Hair and Makeup Application Right in the Suite

  • A "Sin City" Gift Bag With Some Awesome Swag

  • The Opportunity to be Pampered and Treated Like the SEXY SIREN That YOU ARE

  • Same Day Viewing and Ordering of Your AMAZING Images - No need to wait days or weeks to see how STUNNING you truly are

  • A $100 CREDIT to use toward ANY IMAGE COLLECTION (As Well As Having Your $300 Reservation Credit Applied to Your Collection)



How do you get in on this AWESOME EVENT???  It's EASY!  There will be 7 Spots Available and you will be required to pay a $300 non-refundable reservation fee up front to secure your spot.  This reservation fee will be given back to you as an applied Credit toward whatever Image Collection that you decide to purchase, in addition to an additional $100 Credit from me (so that's a total of $400 toward your chosen Image Collection)!  

You will be responsible for your own accomodations and transportation to the hotel where your Session will take place (perfect time for a little vacation - bring your Significant Other, Friends, etc.).  You will also be invited to our "Girl's Night" for appetizers and drinks on the evening of the 17th!  You can SECURE YOUR SPOT NOW, and deposits will be taken as soon as we have at least 4 spaces filled (in the event that we don't get 4 spaces filled, the event will be postponed).   

What better way to celebrate yourself this year than with an AMAZING ADVENTURE?  Enjoy the "Vegas Nightlife" with your amazing hair and makeup from your Session, and then when you get home you can look forward to the memories of your 2021 adventure in print!





Portrait Collections designed especially for this amazing VIP event!  Four Amazing Collections to Choose From That Can Be Customized Using the Add-On Menu


VIP Vegas Getaway Image Collections

All Clients will be paying a non-refundable $300 deposit to secure their spot for this awesome event.  This will be applied toward your Image Collection AND you will receive an additional $100 Credit from me!  That's a $400 Credit toward your chosen package!

(unless otherwise specified in a specific promotion or sale)


All Image Collections come with the corresponding high resolution digital files in a beautiful wooden keepsake box on a thumb drive.  Digital files ARE NOT AVAILABLE for individual purchase and only come with Image Collections or as Add-On's.


"Simply Sinful"     $1099

This sexy Collection comes with your favorite (8) Images as 5x7 Silk Mounted Prints, all wrapped up in a beautiful red bow and presented in a wooden box!  Also includes your (8) digital files.


"Up In Lights"     $1399

Looking for a sexy little album to remember your amazing adventure? This Collection comes with your (13) favorite Images in a VIP "Little Red Book".  Also includes your (13) digital files.


"Neon Goddess"     $1899

This Collection is for the Lady who wants just a little bit more...  Get your favorite (18) Images in our VIP 8x8 Album where you get the choice of Rose Gold or Iron Pearlescent Leather OR Red or Black Velvet with a "Cameo Cover" featuring your favorite image!  This storybook album will show off your favorite images in sexy style starting with your "Cameo Cover", and comes with a linen storage box to keep it safe and secure when you're not enjoying taking a peek.  Also includes your (18) digital files.

BONUS:  Customize Your Collection with a $200 ADD-ON CREDIT


"The Showgirl"     $2497 

This Collection is for the discerning Lady who wants to showcase her (24) favorite Images in a 10x10 Handmade Luxury Album with matching Designer wood and leather crafted, velvet lined display box.  This STUNNING Album comes with over 10 cover options, including our Signature Snakeskin (in white or red)!  Also includes your (24) digital files.

BONUS:  Customize Your Collection with a $500 ADD-ON CREDIT


Credit Cards accepted, and payment plans are always available at Beachfront Boudoir for as little as $100 down at the time of ordering.  Choose the package that you LOVE and we will make the payments fit into your budget. 

Returning Client?  Pay in Full in Cash at the time of your Session OR Pre-Pay For Your Collection and Recieve 5% Off!  

That's right, Ladies...  If you Pay in Full in Cash for your favorite Image Collection or your Pre-Pay for your Collection, you get an AMAZING 5% off!  This is on top of the $100 Image Credit that you already recieve with each Image Collection!   


Snag some prints, score a fun and sexy "Personal Peep Show" Retro Viewer, transform one of your images into an amazing piece of Watercolor Art, or add some extra digital images...your Collection should be as unique as you are!  These awesome additions can be added to ANY COLLECTION (Add-On's are not available for individual sale, only as additions to a Collection)!  If your Collection includes an "Add-On Credit", you can use that toward anything from the menu below!  Want more than your credit includes?  Just pay the difference!  

Add-On Menu

Customize Your Collection with Your Add-On Credit or Add Something You Love to Any Collection

Wall Art

Photographic Prints - Silk Prints With Rigid Mounting

8x12 - $125  |   11x14 - $225   |   16x24 - $300   |   20x30 - $400

Canvas or Metal

8x12 - $250   |   11x14 - $450   |   16x24 - $550   |   20x30 - $650


A Little Something Extra Special

Personal Peepshow ViewMaster With 7 Image Reel  $225

Additional 7 Image Peep Show Reel $100


Watercolor Transformation on Canvas (Digital File Included)

8x12 - $450   |   11x14 - $650   |   16x24 - $850   |   20x30 - $1000


Extra Digital Images (Only Available as Add-On's)

1-5 Additional Digital Images  -  $150 Each

5-10 Additional Digital Images  -  $125 Each

10 or More Additional Digital Images  -  $100 Each