VIP Deals and Special Offers - Support Local

Small businesses are the life blood of our economy, and right now we're all feeling the pinch, including "Beachfront Boudoir".  We want to build and grow and provide service to our amazing clients, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, so many of us are shuttered and doing our best to stay afloat.  

But Don't Worry, You Can Help!

Forget Today, Start Dreaming About Tomorrow...

Right Now is Tough - I Get It!

The Governor has shut down all "non essential businesses" throughout California.  We are all feeling the crushing blows of Covid-19.  

Some of you are still out there working, putting your own health at risk to provide services for all of us - you're tired, you're afraid and you're stressed.  Even more of you are stuck at home - quarantined - dealing with things like homeschooling, working at home with your spouse, cooking 4 or 5 meals per day, trying to keep everyone entertained, and doing as much laundry as you were before the quarantine.  When is the last time you got "glammed up"?  You all need a get-away...something to look forward to when all of this is over and life gets back to normal.  Join the more than 100 SLO and Santa Barbara County women who I have empowered through a Luxury Boudoir Experience in the last year!  

Let's Plan Something Amazing Together!

You Can Help My Small Business RIGHT NOW and Score Yourself Some Serious Deals!

Here are THREE AMAZING DEALS I've put together for you!


Deal #1 The Discounted Gift Card

Beachfront Boudoir will be offering an unprecidented GIFT CARD offer until May 15th!  For each $100 you load onto your Gift Card, you save $10.  (Buy a Gift Card for $500 and only pay $450!).  The more that you load onto your Gift Card, the bigger the savings when it comes time to order your Images at your future Session! (you don't have to choose a session date now) Buy for YOURSELF or for a FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER, ETC. (Gift Cards cannot be applied to existing payment plans)

Purchase Gift Card Now!



Deal #2 Leap Into 2020 Special

  I am extending the "Leap into 2020 Special" until April 30th - that means that you can score yourself a Boudoir Session with a waived Session Fee AND a $100 Credit toward any Image Collection Purchase! Sessions can be booked anytime before October 2020 - combine this with the Discounted Gift Card offer and you have a KILLER deal!  NOW scheduling Luxury Sessions for May, June and July!

Get Signed Up For the Leap Into 2020 Special


Deal #3  Purchase Additional Digital Images

If you've already had your session and there were some images that you know you LOVED, but didn't choose the first time around, here's your chance!  Until May 15th, I will be allowing past clients to purchase Gift Cards to use toward additional images from their sessions!  It's SUPER easy - purchase your Gift Card and save 10%, then contact me and I will set up a virtual viewing gallery on my website where you can choose your additional images.  Get 1, 5 or even ALL of your favorite images that you had to leave behind the first time around!  For this special ONE TIME ONLY deal, each fully edited high resolution image will be provided to you in digital format only for $75 (that's just over a 25% discount - add your 10% Gift Card discount and we're talking serious savings!).  This deal is ONLY available to those clients who have already had a Session, and would like to purchase digital images.  You can purchase ANY number of digital images.  

Purchase Gift Card Now!



Additional Ways to Support Local Businesses

Are you looking for more ways to help local businesses, like mine?  

We can use ALL the help you can give!

1)  If you have a few spare minutes, go to your favorite local businesses Facebook Pages and leave a review!  We thrive on reviews, and each one of them does so much for our business.  It's usually very easy to find the Facebook pages of your favorite businesses - just type in the business name in the search bar on Facebook and Ta-Da!  Here's a link to mine.

2)  Many of your favorite local businesses are also on Google and Yelp.  It only takes a couple of minutes to copy that review you wrote for Facebook and paste it into the Google Business Page of your favorite local businesses!  Here's a link to mine.

3)  Want to do even more???  Grab a post from your favorite local business and share it to your own Facebook page.  Show all of your friends how much your support these businesses - word of mouth is everything, especially in times like these!  For Beachfront Boudoir, you can invite all of your Lady friends to our Private Facebook Group.