Boudoir and Bridal Boudoir

San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County classy boudoir and bridal boudoir photography by Mirror's Edge Photography with lead photographer Sarah Williams. Making women feel beautiful about their bodies in a tasteful and classy boudoir environment.

"Every woman deserves to feel beautiful..."

I get it, boudoir photography can be intimidating and nerve wracking.  You're not sure if you're going to be comfortable, you're afraid that all of your "flaws" will show, you don't feel beautiful enough to give yourself the gift of a photography session that celebrates "you".  Trust me when I say that boudoir photography is an art form, and it takes someone who truly believes in the truth that every single woman out there can look beautiful in a tasteful and classy way.  Boudoir photography is never supposed to feel trashy or uncomfortable, it is supposed to make you feel special and gorgeous just as you are.  


Every Woman Deserves to Feel Beautiful


When you book a Boudoir or Bridal Boudoir session with me, you will come out with photographs that truly highlight how naturally beautiful and unique that you are.  Each session will allow you to change into multiple outfits, and we will have a pre-consultation in which we will discuss both what you are hoping for and what you are afraid of (if anything).  We will also discuss wardrobe, accessories and all of the other fun stuff - I guarantee that you will come out of your session having had an amazingly fun and comfortable time.  Each session lasts about an hour, and if you want to have the most fun possible, get a couple of your friends together who also want to feel special and beautiful and turn it into a "girl's getaway".  As a photographer, I am not interested in doing anything trashy or questionable - my work is classy and tasteful, and each session is designed so that you can "let your hair down", have some fun and enjoy yourself while walking away with a better body image and some amazing photographs.    

I don't share my clients boudoir photos publicly without their expressed consent.  Please contact me privately to see a sample of my boudoir photography portfolio.

Boudoir sessions start at $200 - This does not include location fees.  Mini Session Pricing is available for ladies who are able to get 3 to 4 friends together for a same day session.