Victoria and Esteban ~ Castle Noland

Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County Wedding Photographer, captures Vicki and Esteban's Wedding Day at Castle Noland in San Luis Obispo, California.

Victoria and Esteban ~ Castle Noland, San Luis Obispo, Ca

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Victoria and Esteban met seven years ago while both working at Starbucks.  Then started off as friends and remained that way for two years - maybe it was timing, or just the fact that both of them where shy, but eventually they each got the nerve to engage with one another and on April Fool's Day they became "official".  That was the perfect start to what would be a fun, loving, quirky and deeply moving relationship.  The two got engaged on March 26, 2017.  They went to a local winery after work, joined by a few friends.  It was almost their anniversary, so when Esteban asked Victoria to "stand up", she thought it was a joke.  Then he followed with, "I'm kidding, sit down", and when she turned to sit, he was on one knee.  He managed to get out the words "Will you..." and Victoria said "shut up" - she was in shock!  After that shock wore off, she (of course) said a resounding "YES".  Later she found out that he had bought the ring, gathered their friends and proposed in the span of a few hours! 

Victoria and Esteban chose the incredible Castle Noland as their wedding venue because it's the halfway point between their two families - Esteban's living mostly in the Bakersfield area and Victoria's living in the Bay Area.  They loved the idealic and almost "fairy tale" style retreat where they could stay on the property and have both their ceremony and reception all in the same place.  Both Bride and Groom agreed that the most important part of the day would be, well, the entire day, but Victoria also added that she was truly looking forward to tying the knot in front on all of their family and friends...and the food, the food was very important!  When asked what he loves most about Victoria, Esteban answered "I love that she makes me a better person and that she makes me love life more."  When asked what she loves most about Esteban, Victoria answered "I love that he is supportive of my dreams.  He helps me keep my life in order and is very considerate of my feelings.  This fairy tale wedding at the "Castle on the Hill" was definitely on to remember - absolutely beautiful from start to finish.  Congratulations Victoria and Esteban, you two are destined for a future of amazing love and lifelong happiness!

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