Sarah and Jason at Windows on the Water

Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County Wedding Photographer, captures Sarah and Jason's beautiful wedding at Windows on the Water in Morro Bay, California

Sarah and Jason ~ Windows on the Water in Morro Bay, CA

Sarah and Jason have an incredible love story.  These two beautiful people truly epitomize what it means to find love and celebrate that love.  Their intimate ceremony was held on a gorgeous day in Morro Bay, California at the beautiful Windows on the Water.  They were surrounded by family and their closest friends, and found joy in exchanging vows that they wrote themselves.  Tears, laughs and so many touchingly beautiful moments filled with amazing day.  Sarah looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown as she walked from the Blue Sail Inn through the little town of Morro Bay with her daughters to her venue.  After the goreous ceremony, I was able to take Sarah and Jason for a little walk around the town to take their wedding photos.  As a wedding photographer in San Luis Obispo, I get to see a lot of unions, but this one was special from the start.  Here is to the beginning of a life long love story!  

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