Rashel and Brian ~ The Madonna Inn

Sarah Williams of Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo County Wedding and Engagement Photographer, captures Rashel and Brian's magical wedding day in the Secret Garden at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California.

Rashel and Brian ~ The Madonna Inn

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When it comes to San Luis Obispo Weddings, the Madonna Inn is an iconic choice.  Rashel and Brian chose this location for their wedding because of all the unique features, the gorgeous garden, and the memories that this area holds for them.  Their wedding day was filled with magic from the start, as they prepared for their vows in two of the many amazing themed rooms in this San Luis Obispo landmark.  Rashel and Brian said their vows in the Secret Garden before all of their closest family and friends, and as a wedding photographer, this idealic location combined with the love that these two share is absolutely why I love my profession so much.  This amazing couple had one of the most romantic and beautiful days, and one of the most fun and energetic nights, and through it all, their strength as the perfect couple shone through.  Congratulations, you two!  

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