Jasmine & Travis - Santa Maria, California

Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo County Wedding Photographer, captures Jasmine and Travis' Wedding Day in Santa Maria / Orcutt , California.

Jasmine and Travis ~ Santa Maria, California

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Jasmine and Travis' love story began when they were teenagers.  They dated for a while and then parted ways, but they always remained in each other's hearts.  Years later, when they happened to run into one another, all of those feelings came rushing back, and the real love story began.  When Travis proposed, it was an intimate occasion, with only the two and their children -a huge and important part of their lives - were present.  Jasmine says that it was "the best proposal ever"!  Jasmine and Travis decided to have their wedding at Travis' family home, because it is both beautiful and filled with so many wonderful memories.  Their only wish was that the day be filled with love, joy and the bringing together of family and friends to celebrate an occasion that truly marks a rebirth of each of their lives.  Travis says that the thing he loves most about Jasmine is her "kind heart, caring nature, and beautiful smile" (and as their wedding photographer, I can attest to Jasmine having one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen).  Jasmine says that she loves Travis' "heart of gold" and the he "completed her in so many more ways than just one".  These two have come through some difficult times and emerged on the other side as a couple with a love and relationship that is truly something special.  When two hearts are meant for one another, they always find a way.  Congratulations, Jasmine and Travis!


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