Cyndi Perry Equine Portrait Session

Sarah Williams of Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo Equine Portrait Photographer and Wedding Photographer, captures the magical sunset Equine Photography Session with Cyndi Perry and her beloved Thoroughbred mare in Santa Maria California.

Cyndi Perry Equine Portrait Session ~ Santa Maria California

It was such a surprise and honor when Cyndi contacted me to photograph her and her beautiful mare, "Tai-Chi".  You see, Tai-Chi is 27 years old (for those of you who are not horse people, that's a fairly advanced age), and although she's looking AMAZING for her age, Cyndi knew that this was the perfect time to capture the special moments with her Equine best friend.  Our pets - horses, dogs, cats, etc. - are part of the family, and yet we often forget to celebrate them with photography like we do other members of our families or parts of our life.  This Equine Photography Session was special too, because Cyndi wanted to create a "companion peice" for a very old photograph that she has of her and one of her first horses.  I think that we nailed it...and MORE.  These two have an undeniable bond, and photographing them together just brought that out even more.  What a blessing and an honor as a photographer to be able to make these memories last forever!

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