Courtney and Doug - Cayucos California

Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo County Wedding Photographer, captures Courtney and Doug's Wedding Day at The Cayucos Hall on the Beach in Cayucos, California.

Courtney & Doug - Cayucos, California

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Courtney and Doug are two of the most beautifully in love people I have ever met.  Doug was actually Courtney's parents neighbor, and the two were introduced by Doug's roommate, and believe it or not, Facebook Messenger was what actually connected these two in the end.  Courtney had a 4 year old son and was not really open to dating, but Doug won her over eventually (after they talked for a while as "just friends") and they decided to go out on a real "date".  They went out for frozen yogurt and then went bowling, but they really spent the entire evening just talking to one another.  From that point on, they were inseperable!  Doug proposed to Courtney on Christmas Day at his parents house, in front of his entire family.  The stage was set, not they just needed a place to say "I Do".  Because their families live almost 2 hours from one another, they decided if people had to travel, what better place to travel to than the beach?!  They decided on the quaint little town of Cayucos because Courtney is a self proclaimed "beach person" and they wanted to give their guests that experience.  Courtney loved that "Doug fully accepts her and just gets her.  Whenever he is around, she feels 'at home'".  Doug loves "Courtney's loving, yet hilarious personality.  He admires her giving heart and how she always thinks of others".  In the end, this is a testament to true love finding a way...Courtney and Doug's story has just begun, but as their wedding photographer, I know that it will last a lifetime!

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