Cheyenne and Glenn ~ The Santa Maria Inn

Mirror's Edge Photography, a San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County Wedding Photographer, captures Cheyenne and Glenn's Wedding Day at the Historic Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria, California.

Cheyenne and Glenn ~ The Historic Santa Maria Inn

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Cheyenne and Glenn met while both working at Walmart.  At first, the two were just friends, but Glenn had an obvious attraction to the beautiful Cheyenne.  The two remained close friends for about a year, and during this time everyone who saw them together told Cheyenne that she needed to give this guy a chance.  Finally, after they started hanging out more, Cheyenne broke down and told Glenn that he would have to meet her dad before they dated.  Cheyenne's dad came into the Walmart one day while Glenn was working and they met...later that day, when Cheyenne got to her car, Glenn was waiting with flowers.  He asked "So, will you?" and of course Cheyenne said yes. 

In April of 2017, Cheyenne and Glenn planned a trip to Disneyland for their adorable sone William's birthday.  Glenn made sure that all the family came along.  After having lunch on the second day at a Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Disney, Glenn walked Cheyenne out to an old fountain and grabbed her hands.  He said, "Once in a lifetime question...will you marry me?".  Cheyenne said yes for the second time.  Glenn had his heart set on the Historic Santa Maria Inn for their wedding - he loved the fact that it was beautiful and there were rooms for people to stay in after the "party".  Cheyenne loved the gorgeous fountain in the ceremony garden.  They both agree that the thing they looked forward to most about their wedding was...everything!  The decor, family and friends, the food, flowers, and, of course, the DJ was one of the most important parts.  In the end, the two managed to hit all the marks for their wedding day, which was gorgeous from start to finish.  Guests were having the time of their lives from the moment they arrived until late into the night.  Cheyenne was an absolutely gorgeous Bride, and Glenn was a true Prince...there may have even been some tears during the ceremony.  This is a couple who will stand the test of time...congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. McKee!

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