Carrie and Tim Engagement - Los Osos

Carrie and Tim Engagement Photography session in Los Osos, California at Montana de Oro at Spooner's Cove by Mirror's Edge Photography. San Luis Obispo County Wedding and Engagement Photographer.

Location ~ Los Osos, California / Montana de Oro / Spooner's Cove

I met with Carrie and Tim at the gorgeous and iconic Spooner's Cove in Montana de Oro for their engagement photography session.  These two were absolutely fantastic to work with and so in love.  There were laughs and tender moments; there was playful banter and romantic interaction.  I like to tell my clients that this is "their time to have fun and be themselves", and that's what these two did.  I was able, in just under two hours, to get to know them pretty well, including a love for Sci-Fi over Romantic Comedy, the fact that Tim was able to hum a Journey song pretty well, and that an appreciation for the art that is the show "Bob's Burgers" is something we all had in common.  This is what wedding and engagement photography is all about - connection, laughs, love, romance and fun!  Congratulations, you two!  

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